HWS X-mas Event 2017



You missed maybe the days before or had full inventory. Can’t reproduce it. Works fine for me


the inventory was empty when I entered, and I took the other 5 packages quietly, only with 6 and 7 did this thing


i just took 6 and 7 without issue. (Thanks again!)


Good Morning @everyone and enjoy your friday with that Door Code: 2144


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Good Morning @everyone We wish you a nice second advent with this Door Code! :candle: :candle:


Good Morning @everyone and have a good start in the week with that Door Code: 8532 (I hope you turned on the second candle lever yesterday :wink: )


@RexXxuS The server will wipe before 24th … how will we get that Alien Core ??


As I said: I will play Santa and just transfer the whole mission again to the HWS 7.X season. So all can do 1-24 doors again.
That will of course mean that people who were active until then get the loot twice but so be it - HO HO HO.


Excellent thanks I missed that announcement


I went through every Christmas door starting with 1 and got nothing. This is buggy.


It isn’t if you press F1 and activate the X-Mas event Mission in your PDA …


Reading usually helps for these type of things :wink:


Santa said yes wow you must’ve been a good boy this year


umm did you explore the tiny rooms


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