HWS X-mas Event 2017

Hey @everyone,

our first HWS X-mas Event has some great loot for you!

Each day you get the number of the day as slots. For example 5th December 5 slots, 23th December 23 slots.
So a LOT of nice little gifts are waiting for you.

The final reward are 100 Auto Miner Cores and 1 Alien Core to keep your structure warm until next year :slight_smile:

Just activate the X-mas PDA mission and head to ECC to the Advent Ring.

Have a nice December all!

Door Codes:
01.12.: 6729
02.12.: 5973
03.12.: 0149
04.12.: 3905
05.12.: 6099
06.12.: 5300
07.12.: 3491
08.12.: 2144
09.12.: 4786
10.12.: 2425
11.12.: 8532
12.12.: 0268
13.12.: 9841
14.12.: 5368
15.12.: 0946
16.12.: 7239
17.12.: 8825
18.12.: 6770
19.12.: 2541
20.12.: 3584
21.12.: 8413
22.12.: 3812
23.12.: 8998
24.12.: 2985

Have fun everyone!


This is awsum! thanks, are any of the ocd levels able to store alien cores btw?

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Not yet … :wink:


6+7+2+9 = 24
5+9+7+3= 24

24th = Christmas eve

Illuminati confirmed /_\

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:christmas_tree: Merry R E X M A S :santa: :gift: :joystick: :gift: :robot: :gift: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


@everyone happy first advent everyone! :candle:
I hope you have a nice sunday and here is the code you are looking for:

P.S.: Whoever is first: don’t forget to activate the candle lever :wink:

If you’re not online on Dec 24th (i.e. at the fam’s house) are you able to get that day’s prize later? When is the wreath getting deleted I guess would be a better question?

It will stay until the full wipe

Good morning @everyone,

have a great start in the week with the fourth Door Code :slight_smile:


thanks for doing this! If one misses a day are they no longer able to get the next day? (not for me. I’m making it a daily errand :rofl: )

Nope, like a real advent calendar you can do all 1-24 doors even on 24th december one by one afterwards. And the event will be available until the full wipe in case people are away by their families or so.

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WHAT! No full wipe before X-mas… I was realy hoping for that :slight_smile:

Always wipe.

Or else you will have rashes and a bad case of swamp ass.

Will we be able to ocd the alien core for next season ?

05 day code?

Good morning @everyone,
one day before Santa Day! :santa:

Door Code: 6099

Have a nice Santa Day :santa::skin-tone-2: @everyone with the todays Door Code: 5300

Good morning @everyone. The Door code for today is 3491. Have fun

I entered both room 5 and 6 but it gives me nothing, no loot, why?