Hydrophinic Units missing from Tech Tree

I’m on HWS RE EU and I’ve been looking up and down for “Hydrophonics Unit” in the in game tech tree, but either my eyes have a filter or they removed it from the tech tree.

In the constructor, under blocks, the 3 versions of it are blue with a pad lock and the note at the bottom “Unlock in Tech Tree”. I’ve looked but cant find it in Tech Tree (yes i looked in all sections).

I can research the “Hydrophonics Bay”, but obvuiously i can’ neither build not place it since it requires “Hydrophonics Units” as input and under it when placing.

I can build and place the “Plant Grow Light” and i had some “Hydrophonic Units” im my OCD that i can place without issues.

As a test i started a creative game and researched everything in the Tech Tree (a lot of clicking). When i opened a contructor, the “Hydrophonics Unit” was still blue with a padlock …

first off restart the game and try again. this is usually a sign of swapping servers and/or save game files without restarting the game in between. configurations tend to overlap…

this is Empyrion ME: Memoryleeks Edition :wink:

Thanks for the reply and the help =)

After restarting they appeared, without a padlock, so all is well.

I still cannot find them in the Tech Tree, so i assume they we’re unlocked together with the "Hydrophonics Lamp or the “Hydrophonics Bay”. Either way there’s no description indicating what unlocks it, which is kinda mean. I preferred when it was unlocked as “Growing Plot”, that made sense.

I don’t believe you have to unlock them in re. they are a standard device if I remember correctly.

re is its own special animal. it’s best to forget everything you know about the game and learn something completely different.