I am banned on easy,

can you tell me why or is it a bug?


Hi Friedl,

You’ll need to provide more information:
What server are you on
When did this happen
What is your in-game name
What happened that may have caused this (your thoughts)

There are auto-ban features if you are seen doing something the server doesnt think is right (picking up base turrets as hand weapons, for example). While they be innocently or accidentally done on your end, the server sees this as a potential hack (it shouldn’t be possible).

Admins may be able to help if it was an accidental ban.

  • Hops

As hops says… a few infos would be nice.
Found you anyways… I guess an Admin did not set the POI right…

I took them away and unband you. Sorry for that.

Resolved - this was my little terasure for the Hub. Strange how you got there… it is normally a closed room no one can enter

Laugh, nice, I died, and I respawned in there…
By the way, I startet with a friend at Guardian, we entered the hunter area together and when he alone went back to Guardian Terrain, he had been shooten from the hub there and was killed again and he now stuck at, i believe, Saturn System. Why we cannot come back to Guardian starter?

Starters are one way warps – once you leave, you may not warp back. That one, you’re gonna have to live with. :slight_smile:

Oh man, yes, a bittle stupid not to think of that, sorry for it…

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