I am having problems with the game crashing all the time

We still have the problem with this. Me, wiseman, gareth and some others. Happends in planet only.

adding a zip with the logs1094.zip (73.2 KB)

Can you try to start the game in dx9 only mode?

I will try when i get home.

Another faction member - SNY, and I experienced dozens of freeze/crashes on kratos (our faction donator planet - eu server) last night. But have also had it happen multiple times in sp creative since, I think RC2. Usually around and after spawning multiple hv’s.

Im going to try and recreate crashes in creative later today and send fresh bug reports. Have sent to eleon previously.

Jascha, how can we force it into dx9 mode to test this?

So far it works with DX9… .Il continue and see.

Still get the same problem.

I turned off the lights and run the game in DX9. somehow it is working and i didnt crash more last night.

You can close this Jascha