I can't navigate this website

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How can we help you now: Write here I’m trying to buy items from npcs at the Nov trader mall and it won’t let me buy I’m trying to use the ti:info command and it tells me to come to this website but I still can’t figure it out because I can’t find the item id’s and I can’t find where it says what package is at what color these mods are very complicated and I would love to know how to use them but I can’t find the info I’m looking for on this website help would be greatly appreciated love the server thank


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Under the direct connect it’s hws npc trader it tells u the color price and packages.

Where is that I’m sorry I’m having trouble navigating this site this game is far more complex than any other survival crafting game and this servers mods make it more so and I can’t seem to trade with the Npc traders and the trader mall is there some other way that I’m missing

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let me know if that helps

Very much thank you

1 more thing I’m trying to but at the eggs hq In the trading station I have money in my back and on me but it says I have 0.00 how do I put money in there

Elemental Bank Commands
eb:? Provides you with useful information regarding the bank and its features.

|eb:info |Displays your Account #, your credits on hand, and your bank balance.|

|eb:upgrade |Upgrades your Elemental Bank level|

|eb:send |Teaches you how to send credits to other players. (e.g. eb:send:account-nr-of-target:AMOUNT). You / your partner get the account number by typing eb:info in chat.|

|eb:cointocr |Removes your gold coins from your inventory and deposits them directly into your bank account.|

|eb:payout:X or eb:payout:all |Withdraw credits from your bank account. (5% transaction fee unless you are in the Elemental Bank).|

|eb:payin:X or eb:payin:all |Deposit credits into your bank account. (5% transaction fee unless you are in the Elemental Bank).|

|eb:interest |ONLY available with Elemental Bank level 5. Activates your daily interest for delivery globally. No need to visit EB zones anymore.|

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