I changed Origins Guardian to Hunter and left some svs/hvs as private, but can't access them now

Basically i swapped origins and accidentally left some hvs/sv’s as private and since its pve cannot access them or destroy them can i have some help? idc what becomes of them but don’t want my cores littering the planet at the least. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you give us the Id or Name please?

Sorry yeah sure can’t give I’d sorry no idea how to but I will tell u name and how it looks I think they were both named the original title one might be named hotdog SV but obituary one looks like a hotdog and another one is an attack sv longish not wide neither of them should have any fuel in them :slight_smile: thanks if I can help more please let me know OH! And they are on The planet Helheim.

Sorry that takes tomuch time to find them. Please go to them open console any tpye “di” and then get close and tell us the id it shows you.

k will do asap

Thanks but my planet is getting a full wipe soon :slight_smile: dont want to bother Ya’ll the admins with this since it will not make a large diffirence in the end, and since ya’ll have way more important things to be doing so thanks :slight_smile:

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