I could not voting for server at thursday and friday neither

I could not voting for server any of this days (14th thursday and 15th friday). All times receive the messages “you have already voted for this server today” the same thing in 48 hours, and i can not claim reward for vote. Therefore, i have lost the a cumulative RP of the month

Its seems not fair to me, because i tried to vote several times, but there is something wrong with web site.

Thanks and i apologize for disturb

Hello @Enaun

Very unfortunately you removed the support template which you should replace the “Write Here” placeholders…

So on EU I only see one problem


You didn’t get your 10th reward but instead the 9th twice which happens sometimes if you search this forum.

For the 15th I can’t give you a reward because it is in the future (tomorrow).

I gave you the 10th reward manually but rest of your ticket is not understandable.

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