I did am:buy:gold

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Ok before restart kl 17:00 ca i bought my Orbital autominer gold into level 6 and now i only have level 4:(
Player(s) with issue: Me
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 17:00
Playfield: i was at ECC buying AM upgrades
Structure Name(s): None
Structure ID(s): None
How can we help you now: Give me back my AM levels or money back

Could anyone fix this please, i really don’t wanna loose the AM levels and or money

Patience is key, don’t worry your will get help. As a safe measure try not doing any transactions and don’t be in ECC system at least ~15 minutes before the 9am restart.

Unless you like taxes.

Please read the chat. You were only able to buy OAM Level 4.

P 17.09.2018 17:03:12 Server Empyrion @xXTheNorwegyanwarrierXx: sorry but you are missing 53,502 Credits on your Bank-Account for Auto-Miner level 5

You got that warning like 10 times…


So also no money was taken out.

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