I do not want to lose my RP because I have to pick an origin to leave Prototype

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Rexxus, I picked Prototype as my starting world, but when I want to change my Origin it tells me I will lose all 2814 RP I currently have. How do I change my Origin without losing my RP.


oh good point. Just do it. I will transfer the RP that you gained (from the wipe) to your account afterwards.
Just let me know when you changed the Origin.

I have picked my origin and went through the gate.

I gave your the RP now @Kaisond1

that is actually quite an issue in rare situations… maybe we remove that RP loss @Jascha?

How long will it take to show up, I have refreshed twice and have not seen it.

type fa:info again.

I see it now :), thank you gentlemen !

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