I donated and didn't keep my resources!

I donated for both keeping factory resources and the lifetime one and I have nothing now, post wipe. My factory is empty. Also I have no EVS boost. Also my character is down to level 1!!! Please help!

Factory resources go to your Orbital Cargo Drone (at least they should). You will need to leave the starter planet system to get access (unless they changed that). Not sure what you are talking about with the lifetime part though.

Thanks Nori I’ll give it a shot. But I’m at level 1 now when i was at 17. So now I have to spend a week leveling back up?

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Well the server did wipe…so.

Everyone starts over with a wipe.

Actually there seems to be issue with factory i did not recived anything into my OCD as wel.

That ever get fixed?

I got my factory resources, so it should have worked.

As far as leveling up, I played from 7 till about 12 last night (5ish hours) and I hit level 18.

A few pointers about leveling, get up to level 3 (or 5) and make a HV with gatling guns. Make a few thousand 15mm bullets and literally just go around shooting anything that moves. You will level very fast this way.

Since you donated, make sure you type in do:re to get your resource pack. It’ll get you a simple HV very quickly. You also could use a blueprinted HV and insta complete it with do:bp (after you add the resources).

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Perfectly answered - Thanks @Nori!

As for missing factory resources, if you believe you are missing anything, please provide some detail and we wil need to look into it. As Nori noted, the resourced go to your OCD. Assuming YOU HAD ROOM in your OCD, they should have been placed there. If, for some reason, you had no more room in your OCD - you may have lost some things.

Also as noted… a wipe will very effectively reset your level to 1. That seems to have worked swimmingly!

if anything else seems wrong after validating what should be where let us know.

@Sapper what start did you do?

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