I found a ship!

Ok i was a trader this morning mining gold living the dream, after getting bored of that i visited a few places, one place being Military NPC…‘Wonder whats there?’ i thought…PVP, interesting.

Upon arriving i came across an ‘Abandoned’ CV (no offline protection, In PVP and User not online)

Now this user was a Trader, I thought to myself can i give this equipment a new home, i mean if i don’t someone else will do of course. I pondered for a little while and then came to the conclusion that it is very trader like to gather whatever you can…to trade, I mean who am i attacking, no one is there…It’s been left abandoed so clearly this user doest want it anymore.

So of course i removed the core and put my own in and went on my way. Now because i was a trader i thought, perhaps i could sell this back to the guy? i mean maybe it was just a case of noob…its a fully loaded CV with plenty of goodies in. It should fetch a good price which im sure the trader will be willing to pay, i mean it could of landed in the hands of a pirate/lawless.

Upon further pondering i thought, It’s not black a white so i will just cease to be a trader then i am not bound by any rules in the future, as i’m sure the original owner might have a bit of a cry.

I have The fully loaded CV along with the SV in a safe place. Minor damage (a few doors etc) but other than that untouched. If the Previous owner would like it back a considerate 100,000 is all i ask…

You may have noticed i haven’t said the name of his faction…

I’ll wait and see if the bait works :smiley:

Here are the beauties…

(not original ship name)

So you are flying around, stealing ships and call yourself a trader? I would call you a pirate, because you act like a pirate. Nice that you cover yourself with the trader tag but play as a pirate…

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And the crying begins

Not that I want to step in to every drama but I think sjdowiee made a good decision. A real pirate or hunter or who ever have destroyed it or claimed it without even a word.

If you find something a “Finderlohn” is the least what he can ask for.

If you would have found the ship what would you do as a Trader? Just fly away? Then someone could call it “Fahrerflucht” :stuck_out_tongue:

No big drama here and good trade sjdowiee IMO.

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I am gonna eat my words but thats my ship =]

I will pay a handsome reward for its return SJD

Doesnt RL suck!! Had to run off so was ready to see this in pieces. Contact me sjd and we can arrange a pickup.

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I dont think so, instead i could go on and decore bases and ships to sell them back, because i am so helpfull while the person is offline… Thats more what i call “Geiselnahme” or “Erpressung” and not a good trade. He attacked the ship to break in and decore it, so it was an rule-abuse because he attacked another trader, even if this one isnt online.

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This was the response i was after lol, Just found it funny because you a certainly not a new player…i thought, surely he knows its PVP…

Unlike WhizZle who i think needs to take a sedative or atleast a drink to calm his nerves lol…why so serious!? I’m not a new player i get the rules and i try my best to follow. If i was some new guy doing what i wanted i’d get it but i’m not. If they were your ships WhizZle i’m sure you’d just be happy they are safe.

Anyway Kalsius, I don’t require a reward…you posting is good enough, feed the ego…you know ;).Take my good nature into consideration next time you see me in game. It’s In peacekeeper two let me know in game and you can pop by and grab. Peace out

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I’ll pop by later mate, you are on the ‘Kals drinking list’ which means when we hit the bar, your first 2 drinks are on me :smiley:

Gonna watch a film with the kids so I’ll be on later.

When are you on bro? I am hanging in discord chat so ping me when you get online.

sjdowiee, It´s okay… Do your thing, i´ll do mine.

Man you are so gracious giving people permission…

Ill be on between 12-4 today kalsius. Uk time m8

Just to say sjdowiee (Achilles) is an awesome spacefarer and I shall retain the newly named Noobus in his honor!

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