I have a problem with the way NPC/Alien cores are handled in Warning 3

From the Guide: # WARNING 3: if you dismantle an Alien Core it will become parts in your inventory. You CAN’T get the Alien Core back out of your structure unless you have EGS Recycle level 5 and recycle your structures!

Alien cores are arguably the most valuable commodity in HWS. Just look at the NA Marketplace if you doubt this. My problem is how this ‘WARNING’ in the guide is handled ingame - it isn’t! There is no warning whatsoever that multitooling an alien core will reduce it to a handful of garbage.
My proposal is this. Allow the core to be removed with a tag attached to it of the ID of the structure from which it was removed and the structure owner. Why? So that the player can correct their mistake and replace the core if they so choose without violating the the current constraints on alien cores. Tagged alien cores could not be sold, transferred by dropping, or stored in OCD. They could only go back to the structure from which they came by the current owner (player or faction)
I have lost 2 cores to multitooling and I can say honestly that nothing infuriates me more. It is unnecessary and correctable without impacting current Recycle requirements. I appeal to the HWS team to fix this. Thank you for your time and attention.

I’m afraid this is something that just isn’t possible with what the admins have available to them.
The way it’s handled with currently the EGS recycle mechanic IS the only possible way.

They have no way to give you a pop up warning when you try to multitool it either. As it says in the guide, “with great power comes great responsibility”.
It’s on you to know about them before using them and making mistakes.


always save a repair template before starting ur multitool adventures. npc cores can come back by putting a regular core in a different spot then repairing the ship.

unless this has changed since the last few updates…

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That sounds severely broken if that is truly the case.
It wouldn’t surprise me though, it’s not exactly intentional that players use NPC cores in their own vessels.

rex has had several events gifting out npc cores for players to use in their ships specifically for the ability of inf fuel and o2. they are even more important now with the ridiculous cpu limitations. i hope ur not suggesting we remove them entirely making the game even more complicated than it already keeps getting. i personally love the option of having one. (or several)