I have a stupid Problem help me please

First I must say it was my owne fault but please help me !!! I was exploring the pirate starter Planet and fly in ab big ship hanger but the guy Close the hangardoors and i are jailed in the Hangar i talk to him but he dont wanna open the Hangar and let me out now i jailed here for more than 24 houres the Fraktion is ssn Name of the Cv is jolly roger please help me i wanna get out th Gunjamann

Should be done. Why do you fly into a enemy hangar?
Next time please give more infos about which sv/cv you flew with. just warped your cv and sv to your base

ok thx Name of my sv is litle pussy :wink: Is my Char back in my base too? much thx

Hi, let me show you my point of view. i just mined some meteors on pirate starter and flew back to store them. as i arrived an enemy sv hover over our base (its pve so no problem) i fly into the hangar of my cv and all of sudden this sv take the chance and followed me quickly to sneak into my cv. he then started to fire a whole bunch of rockets in my cv and at me, very annoying but no problem because pve and no damage.
i never noticed any chat message but because of his behaviour i wanted a ransom before i release him :wink: you see iam pirate.
i would had let him free for 1 stack of iron

:slight_smile: Thanks for the info…

Thanks for the clarification and next time we don’t step in in this kind of dramas anymore.