I looged in mercury and my orbiting ships and loot all vanished

My ship is named tugtug and the sv on it is named reaper. I mined for hours it seemed then went back to orbit. Loaded all my loot onto tugtug and had to log out. I logged back in and everything was gone. No combat log or anything on the connect page. please help and yes I had off line protection.

someone may be along to correct me but im sure offline protection is still disabled, plus the admin would need more than names they will want the ship id’s from hws-connect, are they showing in the structure commander?

No the ships are no longer on the connect structure info.

BRUTUS-MINING-HULK is the workshop name for the bugged ship.

Thanks, will do some tests with it.

For now: no one please use it.

I saw the sv parked about 4 kilometers off of Saturn or Mercury lastnight. It was completely broken down except the steel blocks. I don’t think it’s bugged. Maybe the original poster thought offline protection was on…I think now his ships are someone’s loot…

but the intruder log was empty even on the root system and the SV untouched at all. Also the blocks of the CV were really clear cutted from the rest… hm

Well the heart brake is all the minerals I mined and lost. My new cv was cooking in the constructors. I just feel so set back. Thank’s for what you could do. I wish for sure there was a record of the mats and could get those back. I hope no one else ends up in this situation. Thanks again.

Rexx will get to the bottom of it. When I passed by it last night, I just saw the sv, and it looked like someone had broke it down. Have faith in Rexx, he’ll figure it out.

Yeah just heart braking is all. Had all but the saithium for my Polaris refit. You know my first actual cv lol. The mining hulk was just a crutch. I was so close lol but I have faith. I know wipe is coming and I wanted to bank some credits before I donate to span the gap. Wanted a ship to make ma fortune. Thanks for your input as well. I am mirlin on the server.

This whole thing has made me a bit mad. I know life is busy and so forth for those trying to launch a thing to line their own pockets. Weather it is for experience on a resume or raw cash it matters not. Customer service is a thing one should learn. A company or group can’t just dismiss people especially before they get up ticked to put the money in your pocket. I have watched carefully the posts and others losing things. Seems as long as it is easy mode the admins have time to cut and paste/spawn. I lost 11 thousand iron ore 6 thousand copper ore 2 thousand silicon ore 3 thousand promethium 150 raw crystals and at least 4 thousand sathium. The admin rex said he spawned it but it had something wrong with it. They also said nothing was on the ship but some blocks. I am not sure how both these statements can be true at the same time. Since I know my ship was loaded to the hilt with 100s of thousands of credits worth of minerals. Patting me on the head and telling me it was my fault for using an unapproved ship makes me sick. The mining hulk works on every other server I have played upon. My hope is that people review this and tread lightly before investing. The people on the server seem to be nice people but some are not. What is most annoying is that the admin closed the conversation and said nothing more to me in game. Just a big giant suck it and then said nothing here on the forums. Not we are continuing to work on it not even an apology. This is the second time the server has robbed me of massive amounts of goods. First time a player a damn player came to my aid while admins did and said nothing. Great customer service and building long term relationships is not done in this manner. May I suggest you employ or put someone in charge that understands great customer service and loyalty come from fixing the hard stuff. Good customer service is not the end user hand holding you server op through the process. I have ran my own company until I retired early and have also run customer service departments. You guys/gales need real work. I do not see myself investing real world cash at this point that I had intended to spend. I refuse to pay people to blow me off. Thanks to anyone reading for your time.

Lol you act as if you bought a brand new car and the engine blew while leaving the dealership. This is a server these guys run as a service to others. Its not a job replacement. Im sure if you took hours spent and amount of money generated. They would qualify for welfare/slave wages.

The lost ships isnt because of them. Be patient and its normally resolved. Act like an asshat and youll be treated like an asshat.

Also the new server launch is because so many players bitched about not enough PVP. So rex and jas created a new universe in which those needs will hopefully be met.

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First kid and now you made me mad personally. Don’t come in here cursing me oh small one. I know exactly what is going on here and you can spin it however you like but you will not in any damn way speak down to me. I stated clear facts and you a damn shoestring groupie come in here and talk to me in such ways. Now you have treated me with vulgarity and chimed in on something you obviously are to immature to grasp. You don’t like the post because things are well for you and you want fresh blood obviously. Your groupie mentality does nothing for new people unaware of the clear problems. These programmers will for sure either profit in money or a work portfolio so don’t for one frigin minute play this crap working for shear fun. So check yourself and let grown ups handle the situation. I stated the facts and I don’t care if you don’t like it. What I now wonder is you will be openly dealt with for your actions and vulgarity towards me.

Please point out the vulgarity used towards you? My only “vulgar” comment was “act like an asshat and youll be treated like an asshat” where in that sentence did I infer the asshat was you? Maybe you subconsciously associated yourself with the asshat based on your actions, but I did nonsuch thing. I was explaining that when you act with disrespect youll be treated with disrespect. The whole youll catch more bees with honey than vinegar analogy. So please please break down where i was vulgar with you.

Also the fresh blood comment. God no. i do not want to play with self entitled brats. So the more those people leave the server, the better. I made a comment because I felt justified in defending the admins.

We all have lost stuff. Its a buggy game. Deal with it or move on. Please move on.

Look child and I don’t need word wizardry to hide behind. You may think you’re that smart but you are not. You clearly inferred it. Continuing to flex mommies credit card for your simply minded education level doesn’t impress me. I hope you clearly understand I am attacking you in the open. Why because you where politely told to step out of my affairs and on to your own. However your superiority complex refuses for you to just walk away. This forum is not your play ground and my issue has nothing to do with you at all. You injected yourself where your self-righteous pride told you too. I put the damn hours in. Me not you. I mined and worked for hours so for you to come here and give me shit about entitlement. You’re damn right I am entitled I put in the work. New players should be exposed to the good and the bad. Thank you for clearly showing us the bad side of the community. Now if you are not a dev or a admin your words mean zero to me. Your passive aggressive mentality and linguistic skills make you worth as much as spit on the sidewalk. Now go word play with someone you are actually smarter then. Anyone whom goes back and reads the posts will clearly see I stated grievance and clearly stated above what my intentions are so don’t piss down my leg and tell me it is raining kid. Nor attempt to twist my words. Just like the idea of running such a offensive name and then claiming moral superiority while denigrating me and my comments. You have no authority here. Now once again as nicely as I can child. Let the parties involved speak which means not a groupie sideline flunky running his or her mouth. You can’t defend anyone or anything because you where not there. You are just charging in to defend your mental hero for your own twisted reasons. Like I said most of the players are great (missed that part right) some are totally useless self absorbed hero worshipers. Like you.

Lol man you are something else. I am actually without words to describe you. But just to clear a few things up. My parents died a decade ago. Im a grown man. Hairy ass and all. I worship no one. Ive expressed concerns with the server that are real concerns. Not the “ive lost 30 minutes if game time due to a game bug and now I cant handle the favt the world isnt serving me” as for flunky. Far from it. I run a recycling company in Detroit and Cleveland. Now adjectives that would accurately describe me. Fat. Short. ■■■■■■■. My mother often called me a prick. But things i am not. Child. Groupie. Self absorbed. As for my involvement. When you made the forum post and subsequentially the drama. You involved the community. I make up part of the community. 11k iron ore is northing. Maybe 40 min of work. The time spent bitching and whining you could of made that back. Lets not even get into the fact that a CV of that size is worthless for pvp and not very viable for pve. So maybe the server did you a favor?

I try to clear this as good as I can - ignoring your dispute (even though I could count this as rule violation number 3.2 - if it continues I will).

Anyways @gargonus you say you read around the forum and server stuff. Then I wonder why you missed rule 3.3, 4.2 or most important the fact of that we disabled Offline Protection which you thought would protect your ship.

You are right that it is strange that the ship is… destroyed or at least not healthy but nothing is shown in the logs. So as I said I investigated and saw from the restored ship, that it is like a corrupt ship where some parts are fully working and some are just gone. It is like a black hole absorbed a lot of the ship. It is not the first time this happened and it is a bug and nothing we can do to fix this internal problems. Your SV was also restored and brought back to you which was fully working.

So referencing of other topics where we gave stuff back is fine but not like the same as your issue. I did what I can what is already on top of this: READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No

Furthermore IF you had a screenshot of your content you lost we could see what we can do. But just saying I lost million of stuff is not enough. We running this server a long time now and had already people who abused this.

However as I said I will still investigate in this case and crawled in the backups I found the ship like one hour before it somehow get corrupted / destroyed. I parked it near your stuff in PK5 and looked around. What I found was even more strange. From your claimed million of stuff this was the biggest content:

Don’t think that in one hour thousands of stuff can be produced or transferred I wonder why you said it.
Well I don’t care. This whole drama caused me hours of work.

Your other accusations and emotional insults against me is your decision to do so. I don’t go into that.
Just saying that blaming our attitude regarding supporting people and managing a server with such a disrespect and wrong claims is kind of new and sad.


If you go back to my posts to you I simply stated what I felt was going on and did not speak that poorly to you. You have done your best to meet the problem. In turn I followed through and I hope the donations help you and the server. I am sorry I got a little out of touch with someone whom injected themselves into it and do apologize for those actions. I hope to continue to donate and enjoy your work. I hope more will do the same. Thank you for your time in this matter. Once again I am sorry for my out burst.

So as I stated in the beginning, you parked your ship in a pvp zone close to a planet and you’re surprised someone took it? This is your poor judgment sir, not the admins…gg “self entitled brats”…

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