I m a slave now

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What happened: Hi there,Today i just konw there is a elemental bank,and suddenly i found i have 9 271 718 cr debts!!!I checked and ask other player,it could be the taxe on ecc system,but if a player just join the sever feel days ago ,only 80 hours playtime, didnt do anything strange, what can make him such a huge debt!? Here i have ours time diffrent with sever,and over 250 network delay,sometims i cant get login to move myship out of ecc in time.I know its all my problem,but HWS server is too much things to explore.Im learning stuff,but this tuition is TOOOOOOOOOOO HIGH!!

25 09:10 Tax paid 4.487.367 credits tax for S-25 雪貂多用途生存版 (7546349)

a level 1 size sv PARK taxe is over 300 times its value?.

Player(s) with issue: what am i suppose to do
Server: hws eu
Time (cb:time): Write here
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How can we help you now: need suggestions

As a one time new comer favor I payed back the Tax.

Make sure to read about the Tax/ECC System before.

So best: Don’t park/live there.

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