I need help - disconnect while CSW

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I try to CSW from HWS EU to Sanctuary and got DC once i log Sanctuary. After log in again im just lvl 2 in Sactuary and at HWS EU
Player(s) with issue: I can see my ships and HV set privated on map at Sanctuary CSW but i’m lvl 2 and im at starter planet without my inventory or factory stuff
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 27, November, 2017 about 18:00
Playfield: CWS
Structure Name(s): Dragonera, Cabrera and Superbug MK II
Structure ID(s): I dont have acces to the structures now
How can we help you now: can i get a rollback or be set at Sanctuary with my lvl and near my stuff?

Hello @Mushibit

As far as I can see you was just too fast.

You got a message:

You will be warped now. Please wait a minute until CSW is completed.

And I see your ships got transfereed.
So please don’t logout in that process and wait until it is ready! And do NOT login to the other server again. All of your character stats are now in Sanctuary.

So login to Sanctuary and wait few minutes.

Let me know if it worked.