I need help in the NA and EU server - CSW Problem

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What happened: Hello, I was using the CSW, everything worked just fine when I entered the other server I was dying due lack of oxygen, so I disconnected from NA and rejoined, my ship was like 30 km away from me, I then cb:restart so I could change my origin to freelancer because I thought that would be the problem but now I cant play in EU and cant get back to my ship in NA, any ideas what I can do?
Player(s) with issue: Maru
Server: NA + EU
Time (cb:time): I can’t remember, like 15:00 or 13:00
Playfield: CSW
Structure Name(s): PVP CV Size Class 7 + Wild Bore
Structure ID(s): Can’t remember, doesn’t show up in the Structure Command
How can we help you now: I thought you could warp me there or smth I have no idea how to fix this.

Thanks in advance! keep the great work.

Hello @Maru

CSW should only be done if you know 100% how it works to prevent such issues:

You canceled the process yourself and made it worse and worse with cb:Reset etc.
Next time you know it better I guess.

I warped you to your possible ship in CSW but it does not looks like it is loaded. Not sure. Let me know if you logged in to NA and know what the state is.

Yup read everything before doing anything but since I died due lack of oxygen I decided to reset and choose the right origin for my faction… guess that canceled it.

Will check and reply back!

as i told you… Never do a restart after a csw =) only makes a mess :wink:

Sry i could not help you out on discord this time, but thank you for trying there first. If just all players was as you =D hehe would save admins allot of work

So I’m in NA, stuck in the csw, basically I couldn’t find my cv and when I try to start the CSW without ship (csw:startshipless:eu) then there is a windows that pops up and I hit yes but after a while nothing happens… I don’t know if it’s just happening to me which is most likely but yeah, Im stuck.

Also! Im level 1, I wouldnt like to replace my character with the eu one.

Any help would be appreciated, would like to play a bit :smiley:.

Thanks for your time!

Well, just tried again as dQ suggested on discord and it worked! I can’t believe it… maybe he did some magic? :smiley:

Now I will wait for a friend to pick me up tomorrow, I guess it’s resolved!

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you are still missing a cv… let me know ingame after 7pm tomorrow and ill help you out!
You messed it up here :stuck_out_tongue: I know you have been here the whole season.
Next time ask me before you csw or read all the info man!

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