I need help logging in

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: cannot log into server
Player(s) with issue: StormRazer_PP
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): from 12 till now (13.03)
Playfield: prototype
Structure Name(s): NA
Structure ID(s): NA
How can we help you now: Cannot log into server, can log into any other server fine except for hws so definitely some kind of conflict with the hws eu server, i think it has something to do with EAC currently in the process of reinstalling the whole game as ive tried verify files, reinstalling EAC and nothing is working so pretty sure its a server side thing not my pc.

Hello @StormRazer_PP

what happens exactly? Stuck at “Loading Structures 14%”?
That is coming from the 8.2 patch and just needs ~5 minutes until you are in the game.
I warped you for now to the planet. Plz let me know if it worked.

Seemed to have logged in fine now :smiley:

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