I need help please*2

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What happened: Base was private… came back it was public and everything looted including 4 alien cores and 400 autominer cores!!
Player(s) with issue: Injurious and AlexisMiri
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): December 25 2017
Playfield: Freelancer Space
Structure Name(s): Star Base Bravo
Structure ID(s): 2816689
How can we help you now: Ultimately would like my stuff back… is it possible to revert my base back from Dec 25 morning? but i would definately praise if you catch the theives and punish them accordingly


you must have done something that caused it to get public. And not just once. You seem to have set it even back to private a few times.

Since there is no evidence at all that someone did something or that it was a clear bug and it happend always when you where there we can’t just give the base back. It could be also a scam, but of course maybe there is a bug.

Do you remember what happend during that time?
Did you do anything that could have caused it.
Did you set it to private a few times? So did you notice that it was on public inbetween?

It might be also good if you could send us your client logs, so we can check for Errors during that time.

i dont know how i can provide evidence… i never intended this as a scam… all my wife and i wants to do is play and not bother anyone and play as fair as we can… i remember that alexis was the last one who made it private… i was watching her screen to make sure it was private… and we left to the other side of the solar system… when we came back it was public… listen i understand that there are trust issues here because the evidence is compelling against me… but there is no reason for me to take this effort and lie… i would just rather play the game more… if reverting the station back is not feasible… is there maybe a way that we can just get our alien cores and autominer back? it was from the xmas event… and was stolen in xmas… ugh… but that groovin guy went to my base… im pretty sure if u look at his inventory at that time… he would probably have 3 alien cores and 400 autominer cores… ive come across many public bases and ive never stolen anything from anyone… my wife and i have always been a positive aspect in your server… please please… for the love of xmas help us out even a little =(

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Hello I just wanted to follow up on this topic? Have you checked groovin’s inventory during the event as Im sure he is the culprit? Is there anything going to be done? even it you guys dont do anything, its fine… i just need closure

Sorry we could not find anything and its to unclear to really act at on it. Sorry :frowning:

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