I need help please - a meta fault in chat system

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Whenever I use Discord to talk in EU game chat, I am being harrased by users telling me I spam their faction channel.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Everyone

=> EU, same at US, I’d wager

Time (cb:time):
=> All the time

=> N/A

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
Dear Sir,

Make it so (best of all let Yasha know) that Discord chats out-of-game (for patrons, if that is relevant) do NOT carry over to faction chats, but remain in General (Common?) chat for the server. Make it a toggle, if you wish.

N.B. I pay a monthly fee precisely for being able to chat without string length or typing time restrictions (because of my age and condition I cannot chat in barely 64-char strings AND without pauses). I am considering cancelling my patronage (however small at the moment - was planning on an increase, but this issue came up) if I keep being harassed for using a feature I explicitly paid for.

I realize this can be an unsolvable problem for you (dependent on game developers that is), in that case kindly inform me ASAP so that I can depart from the server, however much I would regret this.

Sincerely, Den

A very unfortunate outcome. But we don’t have better ways to handle the Chat API at the moment. @Jascha can explain it better.
Once we have better control over the Chat API, we will improve it.

Until then I explained the situation here:

I do not consider this solved. I consider it a failure on your part. You sell people services which they cannot use, this is serious, don’t you think?

P.S. I know I can “terminate my participation” at any moment, but how does it make you look? Especially if this case is exposed to media? I do not intend to cause you trouble, but I do intend to get an apology for the service you could not provide for the fee I am paying. No more, no less. I wish your venture best of luck, but you cannot progress this way.

Everything we “sell”, players can use fine.
You used the Discord “services” for a lot of days and most of the times in a friendly and helpful way, what I appreciated.
However these “services” do not mean that you can break our rules and get away with it.
To prevent more of such incidents I increased the threshold to HWS Elite and Meta Patrons.

After you insulted another player without any legit reason, you broke our rules (Chat & Behavior) and excludes you from any claims and services. (where is your apology for that?)

If you break any Terms of Use, you have no rights over a product anymore. Feel free to cancel your Patronage if your only reason was to insult other players over our “service” and upset the whole community.

I don’t know what you mean by that but rules apply for everyone - supporter or not.
Keep this in mind.

“Everything we “sell”, players can use fine.” - this is not true - see my previous message(s)

For some reason, a lot of insults that I see over time go unnoticed. You chose to concentrate on one case that involves a person getting angry after a very real insult, that you chose to term “An everyday no Russian in chat joke”. You see “no legit reason” in that?!

May I direct your attention to the fact that I was offering help with translation, urging ppl to use online translation, and if it fails, directed them to me for help in translation, so that the “english-only” paradigm be upheld? If you choose to persecute the very person who offered this help, then there is no reason for me to be in this domain, where the “gamemaster” upholds an anti-Russian attitude (remember what I said about other languages and how everyone ignores that?). That said, I haven’t been in Russia for 30 years, I just keep the language.

I understand the difficulties of Russian players, so I was offering help. To get such a “JOKE”, as you term it, in reaction to that is unacceptable. Maybe I am being too obvious, but it seems to me that the “Russian in chat jokes” should be curbed, rather than silencing me. I already see you revoked my (and others) ability to talk through Discord. This is patching holes in emergency. Rather than address the problem of too much foreign language in chat, you chose to place the lid on the problem.

This does your server no good in terms of publicity. Which brings us to the part that you “didn’t know what I mean by”. What I meant is: if I do not receive credible evidence that you are working towards solving this, yes, with the methods you have available (sensible moderators come to mind), I will spend my time on making the faults in the system publicized. I do not want to do this, but most of your actions so far seem to be pushing me in that direction.

But enough with threats. I would really like this to be solved in some way. Whether this is possible, remains to be seen. So far.

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