I need help please about EmpAdminHelper software language

How to set the language of EmpAdminHelper.
English isn’t my mother language.This led me to many problems or how to translate it.


you can make your own translation (see below). Sadly there are no finished translations from EAH users yet.
And in case you want real time chat translations, you can set your language in the EAH config and the hover over the chat.

The rest of EAH is not translated, sorry.

You will find a “Translation_Default.xml” in your config folder. This one will be replaced by each EAH update. But you can copy it and rename the copy “Translation.xml”. Here you can add your own translations. EAH then will read first the default and afterwards your “Translation.xml” (overwriting the default). The “Translation.xml” will not be overwritten by any EAH updates. The translation file is not complete yet. Many strings are missing. More will come with the next versions. If you want to contribute to the translation, feel free to send me your translated xml file and I’ll include it in the EAH releases.

Thx very much!!!

I wanna translate the mother language for it. Is it possible?

No, sorry

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