I need help please / After complete Reset in Debt and Guilty

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I flew to Titan for the first time and did not know what happened there. then I became “guilty”. I then wanted to fly to ECC and was ported back to Titan without my ship.
So I was on Titan with no money to make me “unguilty” AND my ship bugged on ECC where I had to pay taxes.

I had no chance and wanted to completely reset my character with “cb: reset”.
BUT: After the reset, I’m still “Guilty” AND have 2000000 debt :-(.

I wish that I get a “Hard RESET” and can start again without debts and WITHOUT “Guilty”.

My Account ID / Account Number is 36 89 13 81 .

pls Help me.

Best regards,
David N

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Good Morning @David_N

as you can read here:

cb:reset does not wipe that.

I cleaned as an exception your debts for now. Do you still need a cb:reset or are you fine with that?

thx, but i still missing 400 000 to become noguilty :frowning:

*300 000 bank coins

done, close

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