I need help please - Apparant PVP damage to CV on Alliance HQ

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What happened: I’ve just logged on and its clear my CV has been massively damaged; all my cargo boxes are gone, key equipment gone, crops ruined and . Im on Alliance HQ so was not expecting any PVP action. Is it possible to find out what happened and if possible seek some redress from whatever / whoever did this?
Player(s) with issue: Mantrid - spelt IVIantrid
Server: EU server
Time (cb:time): 30th October 2018 - 15.03 but it could have happened any time in the last couple of days - although some protein bars are still ok in the fridge desoite there being no power when I logged on.
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): LCV-375 Mk-3
Structure ID(s): 13005303
How can we help you now: Are you able to tell me what happened? who attacked me and when it happened and what redress I can seek. Many Thanks. (I love this game and have been playing for 2-3 months now. I had just begun recycling my base because I have been living on the CV and didn’t feel like I needed one (at least not on Alliance HQ) but everything I had accrued (not in the OCD) was on that CV, I was planning a trip to sanctuary. I’m not against PVP and was hoping to participate at some point in the future once I had saved up enough resources but I thought I was safe on Alliance HQ :frowning:


we are very sorry for that. Devs are looking into it.
I restored your CV

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