I need help please, base blocked by another player structure

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> we arrived back to our base to find someone had placed a prefab base at our front door which prevents us from doing anything else with it as there is another base in the area, the planet description only mentions anti griefing nothing about land claim.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Goodge, Thunder Eagle, Monstargh

=>HWS NA Server

Time (cb:time):
=> unknown

=> Zion

Structure Name(s):
=> Escape-Pod-Starter-V4 being blocked by BA_Prefab_Tier1A

Structure ID(s):
=> 3631807

How can we help you now:
=> As the planet description mentioned nothing about needing a landclaim device we assumed there was an automatic no build zone and as we can no longer expand or add to our base is this classed as griefing? if it all possible we would like the structure in question removed so we can continue our gameplay

Can you paste a screenshot here please? (Just that I can have a overview without entering the game)

OK, thank you. I can’t enter the game currently due to some open VM sessions and Empyrion taking to much ram…

Could you got to an area where I could place the other base. A flat area close by, then just open the console, type “di” and tell me the coordinates (shown then in top right corner).

Wait a second. That base belongs to your friend Monstargh xD. That explains a lot.
He would have to change it to faction. But that looks like a game bug

oh really, damn haha he didnt say anything about it, sorry for wasting ur time

No problem. Do you still want me to warp it, or you want to wait for him?
Not sure I am allowed to set it to faction (would need his permission).

ill try get hold of him on discord to message u, if i cant in the next couple of minutes is fine we will just wait for him, ty

OK. Just let me know then and if in need paste the coordinates or whatever is needed.

is ok tks mate, i cant get hold of him will just have to wait for him to come back online and do it


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