I need help please - Base Buried after Terrain Wipe

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What happened: Sorry for all the tickets lately @Jascha , know you guys are busy! I built a base on Atlantis, dug into the side of a hill. Placed a Land Claim device on the base, powered the base, and left for the night. Next day, still powered, base is filled in and had to dig it out. I was told Land Claim device would prevent this? Is this a bug or am I not following a policy?

Player(s) with issue: ibwicked

Server: NA

Time (cb:time): 20:00 server time

Playfield: Atlantis

Structure Name(s): [F8T] Base (BA)

Structure ID(s): 620452

How can we help you now: Tell me how to prevent, restore if it happens again, submit as bug otherwise? Thanks!


yes Atlantis has a wipe of the ground every day.

Its also mentioned in the Planet description:


And if i understood correctly, landclaim device dont work if buried from the original terrain. I have never tested it my self so i might be totally wrong.

I’m familiar with terrain wipes, but I’m confused about one thing… no one is building underground? You mentioned there are planets without wipes, I can’t find one (or at least haven’t found a comprehensive list with that info). You suggested I use cb:wipenext but that produces a list that is longer than the screen and I can’t scroll - plus it only tells you what is going to be wiped in the next 3 days, not a list I can use to tell which planets don’t have a terrain wipe. Bascially, I’m just looking for planets I can build a base underground and won’t get buried in… Can you name any planets I can do that on?


Most planets actually are totally fine to build underground with and will not be wiped, the area around your base will be safe.

Atlantis is a bit of a special case due to the trader and so hard wipes the terrain.

It’s the “most planets” I’m stuck on, I don’t want to build only to figure out later (like I did with Atlantis). I see it says for Atlantis: Terrain (All) under wipes. Instead of (All), what should I avoid to prevent getting buried? Obviously not resources or POIs, what’s the term used for specifying terrain that would affect an underground base?


Only Golden Globe and Atlatnis have “All” in the description.
I try to make it more clean later but other planets are working as Odinsblade said.

Interesting, so just those two planets you can’t build underground, all others will survive? I’m surprised by GG, I would think it’s so competitive that people would want to bury deep down, but I suppose it wipes all terrain to prevent giving an advantage. Ok, this helps! Thanks for the reply and good luck with 9.0 patches/updates!

Unfortunately it’s only because of performance.
Terrain deformation (Voxel stuff) is so heavy to render for clients, that we had to do this for now.
Especially since GG is full made out of gold again and you can drill the whole day rich.

Thanks, enjoy your stay

Much obliged

Hmmmm. Did something change with 9.0?

In 8.xx the terrain wouldn’t be reset around the players base. Sounds like the devs might have broken something else with 9.0 (or I’m misremembering.)

That’s what I thought, but it apparently only applies to Atlantis (has NPCs) and Golden Globe (one big minable planet). Other than that, the immediate area around your base shouldn’t be affected on all the other planets. If I understand correctly.

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