I need help please base just vanished

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I am on Freelancer-Cryo-X and i ‘had’ a base starter block and just enough equipment to get started…not quite a base yet but I had put all my ores and such that I have gathered in the Large constructor i just made…i only walk a few feet away and it all just vanished! no warning, just gone. I still have my starter vessel an 2 portable constructors but thats about it?
Is this something that happening often because I can t play like this if I cant trust butting equipment down.
Any ideas what happened?
I seen the chat say my support ticket was https://goo.gl/3zWXif
What happened:
=> Small starter base just vanished

Player(s) with issue:
=> Tone3Stark

=> North America

Time (cb:time):
=> around 2000

=> Freelancer-Cryo-X

Structure Name(s):
=> no name it was just a base starter and some equipment connected to it so I could use a large constructor

Structure ID(s):
=> dont know

How can we help you now:
=>compensation. I didnt have much as I just started

Hi. Do you know how to use HWS connect? Hit the button at the top of the page and log in with steam. Go to the tab called “structure commander” and find the ID.

What I expect is that the base was below 10 blocks? Every few hours the server cleans up structures fewer than 10 blocks automatically

You have to make bases larger than 10 blocks or they are auto deleted by the game in a matter of hours.
If they can be restored or not depends on if it made it to a backup save or not.

I made most of the ‘base last night’ but I had just made and connected a large constructor to it before it vanished had put all my goodies in the container also=-(

So yes I think you guys were correct…damn
At least I have my ship and some bio fuel and drill.
WTF man…why 10 blocks?! why not check to see if someone from that faction or the owner has been online in like 48hrs or a week and then clean house? Thats pretty crappy… But it could have been worse i guess.

Thanx guys


its a game mechanic :frowning:
We also can’t restore anything due to it being removed so quickly.

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