I need help please / Constructor dissapeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I was staring my new base on my faction home world and when trying to create a door the constructor and everything in it disappeared.
Player(s) with issue: CaptCrabbypants
Server: NA (freelancer faction home world)
Time (cb:time): 9pm(ish) cst
Playfield: Freelancer Homeworld
Structure Name(s): Norse Gods
Structure ID(s): I dont know how to get this
How can we help you now: I can regain the simple stuff but i lost gold, autominer cores, upgrades for weapons, etc… I’ll take whatever support you’re willing to give me to make up for my lost time/fortune.

Good Morning,

what constructor do you mean? Survival or Base Constructor?

Either way we can’t restore that unfortunately.
We could only restore the whole base but for that I need more information why a constructor should disappear after placing a door. Never heard of it

It was an advanced constructor and it was making a door, I wasn’t placing it. I’ve already moved on. Now you’ve heard of it.

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