I need help please... Crashed in ECC City - Came to on Sathon. Ended up Dieing to radiation etc. As I was on foot

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What happened:
=> I landed my ship on ECC City Landing Pad. Walked into city and crashed. Came back to server after crash to be in lava on Sathon. Being I was not kitted for Lava or Radiation I died.

Player(s) with issue:
=> LeGrimm


Time (cb:time):
=> About 1600 Central Time

=> ECC System Planet Started on Died after bugcrash on Sathon Planet

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Making you aware of the bug, IDK If I can get my gear kit back or not.

SERVER TIME, not your time. Use cb:time…
Will make it so much easier for rex and jash :crazy_face:

Did you come from Sathon when this happend?

I came from Alliance HQ to ECC to do the christmas event. Landed in the City on Pad stepped through a door and game crashed. Reloaded my game to be swimming in lava. After escaping lava I noticed I wasn’t on the correct planet. I was on Sathon. I haven’t even left the safety of ECC or Alliance HQ yet just getting started in the game. As for the time I wasn’t able to get that as I was told to post here after this all went down.

@RexXxuS @Jascha

Hey, not sure what Kit you want back. As far as I see you got all your stuff after you died.
Could you give us a few more details please?


I’ve since then recovered some of the stuff, I wasn’t aware that the Armour followed your body. I had some guns n stuff at our main base so was able to rekit my weapons. and some of my tools. I’ll just have to re search for some of the epics on poi raids. More just hoping the bug doesn’t happen again now. Not sure if it was Rep based as a friend who started was un aware of raiding POL effecting our reputations and at the time I bugged out on ECC my rep went from friendly to bottom of the barrel as he was “stealing” from the loot containers at a POL POI.

Yeah we have no influence on the armor.
Not sure though what could have caused the bug. We have to watch it. Thanks for reporting

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