I need help please :: csw -ed to na and was spawned suitless and died twice all items on me including epic and other stuff is gone

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: csw landed me suitless in space died twice my stuff on me is all gone including epic and others
Player(s) with issue: me
**Server:**from EU to NA in NA
Time (cb:time): 8:43 AM (CET)
Playfield: CSW NA
Structure Name(s): me
**Structure ID(s):**n/a
How can we help you now: can i get my inventory stuff i had on me back? also failing the RP now

Thank you

Restored it.
Make sure to have a suit on NA then.

Thanks for getting the missing stuff back

But i had a suit on in NA, i always have one on unless i need to repair or change it for a second. I switched suits when in NA the last time i was there, Maybe that caused it?

Also due to the inventory gone i received no RP on NA

0 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 2 RP for warping,No Origin weapon found. No RP received,Found only structures in PVP or PvE, not on both. No RP received,PVE: ,PVP: LiveInSpaceBase(3286590) on Sathon System,

I just checked but just before i left EU i went to ECC and emptied the OAM. Several stacks of Ere and others i had on me to sell on NA when the CSW lost all my stuff. I had a full inventory. I double checked all the cargo boxes but it isnt there. I am pretty sure i kept them in my inventory for easy access.

Can it be the inventory restore is from some point in time before i emptied the OAMs?


I took the last restore that was before the CSW. that is usually very accurate.
Gave you 10 RP on NA.

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