I need help please: CSW Failed

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: On CSW from EU to NA failed to port to CV and load player inventory
Player(s) with issue: Meiyouren
Server: Currently NA
Time (cb:time): Server Time 20-05-2018 17:30 (est time of CSW)
Playfield: CSW Space
Structure Name(s): Anemochoria / Meiyouren
Structure ID(s): 28785591
How can we help you now: Can I please retrieve player inventory. Haven’t checked ship inventory yet. Background on problem: I accidentally logged into the wrong server after restart which may have caused the problem.

did you type cb:startjobs after you logged in?

No I did not.

Give it a try and let us know then

Tried cb:startjobs command and it didn’t seem to anything. Checked ship inventory and all is there. Just missing player inventory. Didn’t really have much so not a big deal if it is too much trouble.

check your inv again plz

Good! Thank you very much!

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