I need help please CV and SV are bugged badly

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What happened:
=> CV dissapeared while i logged in space, i found it by spawning at it, the sv i had docked to it is now detached 1km away from the CV and moves when the CV moves, i cant fly the sv as it wont move.

Player(s) with issue:
=> ingame name PracticalBacon … faction: Federation

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 11:00pm GMT

=> Incuces [E-Tit]

Structure Name(s):
=> IW Saphire <2799891> and stargazer, code unknown cant reach it

Structure ID(s):
=> IW Saphire <2799891>

How can we help you now:
=> i need debugged or something, dont really know how to resove

Try stealthing you SV, and unstealthing it again. Then it should move again.

doesnt stealth cost money?

Not in PvE no. It only costs to upgrade it. Which you have no reason to do now.

its in space though isint that pvp?

Ah yeah, that could be the case.
Let the admins handle it then. They’ll notice this ticket eventually.

ok no worries, thanks

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Tried and just lift the sv? Using space…
Or the gethere command?

Got a friend to come and mess around with the SV while I moved the CV, seems to have fixed the issue for now although i wont know until the server restarts again as that seems to be when the ships decide to teleport randomly

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