I need help please CV got Wiped

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What happened:
=> I was in Black Hole system with my CV Class 5 suddently i was kicked without warning and cv got deleted. I noticed that Blackhole allows only Class 1 but now its to late.

Second if possible if got a HV in my Base on Federation HQ that is now my enemy cause i Accidently left my Faction, Faction got deleted and HV stays in Base i cant touch it.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Feuerwand


Time (cb:time):
=> 1st. 13.08.19 02:30
2nd 12.08 01:00

=> 1st Black Hole
2nd Federation HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> 1st Asteria Destroyer
2nd Deimos-HT

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Maybe restore the CV and the HV if thats is Possible.

hey again, can you please look on your structure command and get the actual id’s plz, thanks


I restored thee CV next to your base and set your HV back to your new faction

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Thanks bud…

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Thanks a lot :smiley: i cant see the ID’s because i was not longer the owner of the structures even in Sturcture Manager.

The CV is at my base but in HWS Faction cant touch it at the moment or is there a command to rest it to my ownership?


sorry forgot it.
Should be yours now

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