I need help please cv on wrong planet

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: enter donator planet with cv but game crash and when i got back in cv is on another factions planet
Player(s) with issue: koolerbox
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 09:50
Playfield: rex and adastras
Structure Name(s): acm liberator
**Structure ID(s):**22565646
How can we help you now: please waro cv to rex as i cant enter adastras

thanx alot

Any ideas what we could do with the stranded Ships? Last Season we had about 10 Ships floating at the sky and no way to get them out or take care of them. This Season we are way more people and have to Look more on the Core-Count.

Have u tried getting good? Jk lol try cb:getshipdown:id

I was talking about ships from other factions that are stranded on the Donator Planets.

That is the reason “PvP restricted” does exist and some wondering why this is even an option…

How about a Donator Command to warp them out in Donare space? We could give our allys their ships back or claim them in space when its not allied. A message for the owner of the ship would help the owner to claim it back (if he is fast enough to arrive before we do :wink: )

Will talk with @Jascha about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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