I need help please - CV Parts mysteriously disappearing

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What happened:
=> First, it was just CV warp drives (5 different times). I would log in to find that the warp drive on my CV was gone. At first, I thought maybe a drone had bombed me but no (no ammo on turrets expended, no damage to anything, etc.) and I’m on a PVE planet. Today, logged in to find about 2/3 of my CV gone. As I try to replace stuff, there’s a glitch - as the original equipment (let’s say the missing piece is a generator 1x3 blocks big) can’t be placed since there’s a ghost glitch in that 1x3 area not allowing me to place. I discovered that as I delete items off the CV, sometimes some of the equipment reappears. But, the generator, even though it’s ghost (not visible, but I can tell I can’t place anything in that 1x3 area) can’t be deleted or placed over, so it still is registering that something is there. And this equipment doesn’t operate when it’s invisible (i.e. if it’s invisible no power, but if I delete a block off the CV and a part reappears, it works). I’ve lost several CV warp drives and now almost an entire (albeit small) CV.

Player(s) with issue:
=> ibwicked

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 11:30am Pacific time

=> Federation HQ

Structure Name(s):
Bear: 4815304
Runt: 1720489

Structure ID(s):
Bear: 4815304
Runt: 1720489

How can we help you now:
=> Just submitting a bug report, but it would be nice if you could replace my 5 CV warp drives and all the basic equipment I lost for one small CV (i.e. small gen, small thrusters, core, RCS, etc.)


Hello @ibwicked

that is an old bug by now, nobody can say yet how or why it’s happening.
I assume due warping in combination with docked ships. Is this accurate for your issue?

The thing is we can’t replace partial stuff.
We can only try to recover the whole ship from a previous state.
It seems though that this bug per mutates. Maybe you consider to recycle it and start a new one?

Thanks for the reply. No docked ships. These are just small, <100 block CV’s not worth recovering and I don’t mind building again. I wanted to report the issue. But 10 CV warp drives in my inventory would be nice to use to replace them as they disappear :wink:

Also, when 80% of the CV disappeared, 1 or 2 equipment items would reappear as I recycled other parts. I managed to get one CV to reappear each missing component (except generator) by deleting other parts. I’ve noticed (since I have done this several times) that there is almost a sequential order (i.e. if I delete the cockpit chair, thruster appears). Hope it helps!

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Just as a follow up, two things. I noticed recently that I can place a block in the center of CV warp cores, on one side anyways. This might be what’s causing my issue? Glitch is letting me place a block in the center of a warp core? Or is that part of some update?

Also, I just placed a warp core and my ship core disappeared. Oddly, the warp core I placed was blue like a L Thruster (instead of the standard gray). Never seen that before.

Absolutely IS the issue. Please see this report on the official site, it’s known now and being tracked for a fix.

Remove that block that shouldn’t be there, replace the warp drive, and re-save the blueprint to avoid it in the future.

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Gotcha, thanks for the help, and the warp drives!

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