I need help please Deleting a ship in PVP

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What happened:
=> The enemy ship disappeared after 3 minutes. There are videos of the whole battle.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PrR2tQVcCo&feature=youtu.be (within 10-15 minutes)
6:30-9:54 in video.
Player(s) with issue:
=> LiTeN and [RSF] ThePromidius

=> EA

Time (cb:time):
=> ~00:30

=> Galaxy Titan

Structure Name(s):
=> Клешенка v2<>51-PEG-CL7 Limited deco

Structure ID(s):
=> 26480934 and…?

How can we help you now:
=> Please clarify whether this can be done? What is the point then in PVP if a player can simply delete his ship …
I think it will be fair to return it to the invaders.
I destroyed his engines, generators. And waited for transport to capture.

Problem is “Destroy command working” complete playfield it means the enemy can be like 50000km away so long he is on the same playfield he can use “hws connect” to cb:destroy the System needs 1-2mins to Register new Core … its happening since s8 with some pvp ships too. cheers. only way to fix it "cb:destroy like egs:recycle 200m range. cheers


sadly it should not be possible. I’m sorry to hear that. But thank you for letting us know.
I will fix it the next days.

Fixed with the next tool update the next days

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