I need help please (ECC Tax w/ Stealthed Ships)

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What happened: I put a CV and an SV into stealth mode in ECC Space and got taxed for both.
Player(s) with issue: Phoenix
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 02 March 2018 9:05
Playfield: ECC Space
Structure Name(s): Arms Race (CV) Socket Rocket (SV)
Structure ID(s): 33585802 (CV) 33585801 (SV)
How can we help you now: My understanding is that stealth mode takes the ship out of the play field and therefore, exempts the ship from being taxed. Ideally, I request the credits be returned. This is the 2nd time I’ve lost 9.7 million credits (see I need help please (taxes on ECC), I was told the credits would be returned, but haven’t seen anything). Thank you!

Also to note, I stealthed my ships 15 minutes before the reset.


make sure you stay a few minutes after stealth in the Playfield, or don’t do it right before the restart.

I wrote you a pm. But I see I gave you too less. Why did you not tell me directly?

I refunded the missing 9 mil and also the tax for the above ships from today.


Hey Jascha, I see it now, thank you so much! I did try to PM you for the first ticket I submitted, but I should be good to go so long as I stay away from ECC +/- an hour from 9 AM restart.


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