I need help please - Encendyo

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What happened:
=> I did not receive RP for having Am cores in inventory with Epic weapon, nor was I awarded RP for non-Faction player purchasing from Market

Player(s) with issue:
=> Encendyo


Time (cb:time):
=> 20-01-11 08:50 HWS Connect Log time for AM core reward
20-01-11 15:50 and 18:42 for Marketplace RP from Ozi’s purchase of Alien Containers

=> Fed HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> Please reward RP properly, or explain why RP rewards were not given. I checked the Bounty Board, Ozi is Pirate Origin


that was to close to the time:

01.2020 08:50:09.320 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Checking Player ‘Encendyo’ for Reputations: Had 75 Auto Miner Cores

You put your cores in a sec to late.

@Hayawen might be able to say more here

Hmm isn’t if RP for non Origin sale? not faction…?

hm…Should be non-Federation or @RexXxuS ?
Ozi is Pirate.

non-faction = non-origin.
So it should have worked I think

non faction means a player from another faction (at least to me…)
non Origin = not same origin… so not federation…

was any purchase made by a non federation player from this player? that’s the question :smiley:

Speaking of this, it would be really nice if we could see the selling players origin listed in the market as well. It’s basically impossible for us to find out what origin the seller is from unless they happen to be online and we can ask them.
It would be a really nice quality of life change for those of us that need to know this to earn RP.

Right now we basically have to purchase things at random and hope that one of the items we purchased was from another origin. We won’t even know until we either get the RP or we don’t the following day.

The Purchaser, according to the HWS Personal Log, was Ozi. I can provide screenshots from my log if needed (though I’m not sure why, you guys have access to the whole thing).
Shortly after reading that, I checked the Hunter Board, and Ozi is listed as being in the ABN Faction, with a Pirate Origin.
Pirate Origin != Federation Origin.
But if my saying faction instead of Origin invalidates Rexxus’ Origin rules, then that’s the solution, and I will be more careful about my wording in the future. Thank you @Jascha for letting me know why I didn’t get my AM Core reward.

Yeah sorry, bad wording on my part.
3-4 years ago we had no Origins in Empyrion. We called them “Factions”.
So the right way is “non-Origin”.

yep not sure what went wrong but no RP was awarded for sale… i have refunded you 10RP for now while i try to track down the bug…

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There were 2 items, in 2 separate sales. Shouldn’t it be 20 RP? Or is it an undocumented per person per day thing?

it’s once per day

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