I need help please for my ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I went on a solar system named GMC alliance, without having time to turn my teleporter back on Donare East without my Capital Ship

Player(s) with issue: 15239782
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 14:40 /2018/01/19
Playfield: Donare East
Structure Name(s): Gladius XB-2
**Structure ID(s):**15634889
How can we help you now: by returning my ship to Donare East with all he has inside

My name in game is :kyllthor and my faction is §W§
i don’t know my player ID

i messaged you in game several times if you needed pickup

where ?

green text in game… cant miss it

but what information do you need

have asked you about a dozen times if u needed a pickup to go somewhere until you cv has been rescued

yes telepot me

im dead in 1 min

i cant teleport… but can pick u up…and take you w/e u want to go

im dead

okay… i have asked you in game and on forum if you need a pickup… and still have ont had a straight answer. This would be only temp until you cv is rescued as admins are very busy

sorry i’m dead and i can show up i’ve lost everything i do not know what else to say

you backpack will be close by, i take it your new to the game… just get your backpack which will still be in space and later on we can sort your cv out

i still have not had a reply to see if you need a pickup

I am not able to respawn

I had to restart the game

yes pickup me on Donare east and drop me at

on ray planet

omw, be there as soon as