I need help please HWS Connect Skill tree stats not working

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What happened: My HWS Connect Skill Tree skills are not working in game, I have default stats
Player(s) with issue: Überführer Gustaffzeussel
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Tuesday, 28 August 2018 21:42
Playfield: Alliance Cryo
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Fix the stats?

Hello @Gustaffzeussel

can you please send me a screenshot (Windows Snipping Program) of your HWS Skill Tree so I can see which buttons are active and which not?

Once you are ingame I can apply them then.

For the future: try to click on the buttons in HWS Connect one by one (Daily Loot, Claim Vote reward, etc.)
We have to improve our system for parallel sync tasks asap.


Here’s the screenshot

On further note, my stats got reset after using the cb:reset command. And remained at default values even after multiple relogs and a few hours.

Yeah sure they reset with a cb:reset :slight_smile:
HWS Skill Tree is only available for one session cycle - the Skill Tree Buttons in HWS Connect stays though.

However if you have 20 Skill Points you can click on the red button and reset your Skill Points.
Then you can gather all 10 Skills again after 10 days and set them new.

For now HWS Connect does not know when you did a reset or not. I will think about it to improve.

Oh, alright. Seems I completely missed that bit of info, I shall reset my skills then. Sorry for the trouble.

No problem at all!
I’m trying to improve some HWS Connect features once the next season is established good again.
Thanks for the headsup.

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