I need help please. I have been banned by the EAC

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WHAT HAPPENED: I was just entering a cargo box of mine when the EAC software decided to ban me from the server. I have been banned until 2/27/2103. I know we are living longer these days, but I seriously doubt I will make it to the next century. The EAC has obviously glitched again, but a bit more seriously this time. Would you please un-ban me from the EU server so that I can carry on playing.
HOW CAN I REPRODUCE THIS: Can no longer enter the EU server
PLAYER(S) WITH ISSUE: Just me at the moment as far as I know
TIME (cb:time):20:50

Hey @aeonbug

you know what items these were? From last week some ore stacks?
Should be fixed by now…

I unbanned you. Please try again.

Thank you again @RexXxuS. I think the box contained things like epic weapons, AM cores, armour suits. I will check which box it was I opened when I get back in again.

The cargo box was one of these two. I think that it is more likely to be the first box, because when I logged in just now the cursor was pointing at it.

I fixed it sorry for that. Our tool was to aggressive.
You are unbaned and have not to worry. Thanks for letting us know

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