I need help please I have random ship parts in my CV hanger and cannot remove them

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What happened:
=> I landed on Binomi and went to unload a HV tank. It began bouncing around like it was blocked. I get out and find I have random landing gear, blocks, and thrusters in my hanger bay. I cannot remove them. It shows no core for the items there.

Player(s) with issue:
=> darjir

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 17:49

=> Binomi Orbit

Structure Name(s):
=> Darjir’s Sphinx-SAV

Structure ID(s):
=> 36997495

How can we help you now:
=> Can these items be removed or do I need to try PVP space to destroy them?

Hello and welcome to HWS @Darjir

did you try to just Multi Tool them away?

Yes and it tells me I cannot change this structure with this tool. I have also tried shooting them, but may not be able to destroy them due to PVE space.

I went to PVP space and used a ton of C4 on the parts. Got warnings for being to large of a CV but had to do what I had to so I could remove foreign parts from my vessel.

ok, sorry for this dirty workaround.
This bug is incredible nasty and happens very often right now… we are still trying to hunt it down :frowning:

Quick question: was the CV or any docked ship a Garage ship?

Not really. We have the CV as a faction mobile base. We had both our cave reward miners and my Hv tank in there. It was like I landed on a ship but only part of it was present. Once I blew up one set of landing gear on one section they all retracted on the other sections. Then I tried to just move with an open hanger door but it stayed with the ship. It also did not show that anything other than what I listed was docked. I thought it was a visual glitch at first. One of the thrusters is still stuck in the wall of my CV but doesn’t seem to be doing any harm at the moment.

Did you ever get warped due to a restricted playfield with that ship and docked sips?
Liek entering a Pirate Sector as Federation or a support Playfield?

Oh, those Cave Reward miners are Garage ships. Basically ships with Alien Technology equipped (HV Laser on SVs). Could be a hint

Ok not sure who to respond to first. Lol. Yes I did get warped. I just did not want to have anything removed just trying to remove those foreign blocks. I made it out before the final warning. So the miners could be causing the bug then. I am working on a couple of things now so I will try to see if it happens again or not. Either way I will be happy to let you know. I know how much work it is to figure this stuff out.

Hey, thank you.
But did you also get warped out of a playfield BEFORE you noticed the change of blocks? Kinda right before you noticed them? (At the moment we have the feeling that this could be an issue, but we are still searching for a positive case)

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