I need help please i lost my 15 stack of gold coins

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: i was moveing 15 stack of gold coins to ecc to atm and that gliched out and now thay have dissapered can you give it back plz
**Player(s) with issue:**chris…
Server: na
Time (cb:time): 16:12
Playfield: eden
Structure Name(s): pvp stock yard
Structure ID(s): dont know
How can we help you now: can you get them back plz i was going to buy a ship with the 15 stacks of gold coins

Hello @Chief-Recktless

I can’t find any Gold Coints at 16:12 in your inventory today. Can you please specify the time again (type cb:time in chat). I can then check the proper backup

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