I need help please. I was warped off my ship and to another playfield without my ship

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What happened: Hey I didnt mean to warp into restricted space. When it tried to warp me out it warped my ship and not me. now I cant get to my ship. Is there any way to get spawned back on my ship? Actually what it did was it warped me to another playfield without my CV. haha . Yeah if there is any way i could get my ship back that would be amazing.
Player(s) with issue: rockclimber567
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: The ship stayed in Alliance Home
Structure Name(s): Serenity, it has Reavers-Fate docked on it as well.
Structure ID(s): 4234863, 4169828
How can we help you now :I am just floating in space when I spawn I die. If you could teleport my ships to me that would be great. Because it is restricted space when I say to spawn on my home base, what happens is it just warps me back off the ship and into another playfield.

Thanks for the ticket