I need help please, lost Alien Core

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What happened:
=> Went to place my Alien Core, and it dissapeared. It’s my first alien core. Please help.

Player(s) with issue:
=> jrdarksword

=> N/A

Time (cb:time):
=> not sure

=> Ori

Structure Name(s):
=> Midnight SHadow

Structure ID(s):
=> 15801862

How can we help you now:
=> It would be nice if i could have it returned. Did the HQ mission to receive it, took time and effort.

Welcome to HWS @jrdarksword

Can you please explain more, why and how you lost it?

I placed the alien core. I went access the control, to change it to private. I could not access it through hitting P or going through tab. Took out my multi tool to try and reset it. But it disappeared completely

Hmm well, your Structure is now running with an Alien Core.
It is also set to your faction.
So I’m not sure. Looks all good to me.

Press P, Go to Devices and search for “Core”

Yes, because after it happened. I got upset went to the market place and purchased one. Pjams and Fionn are the ones that told to write a ticket, to see if I could have it returned.

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