I need help please lost CV on repair

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Lost ship
Player(s) with issue: Albinos
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 19.01.19
Playfield: PIrates sector
Structure Name(s): HWS Large Huracan v2
Structure ID(s): 14040892
How can we help you now: Revert back

There’s a command for this:

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^ You ignored the server warnings…

We can restore it for 13025178 credits and 8 RP.

It was repaired! I had to disable repair, disassemble a vehicle, then again put in repair for even longer? I fully agree if this happens in PVP of a zone, but during repairs… Maybe it makes sense to change policy? The game is in the ALPHA stage and the whole ship is in the limit, but not broken.

https://c2n.me/3ZfV1N4 A good example of the game in alpha

I Cant restore it

I restored it but got distracted and changed it to HWS. Of course you can’t buy it back then.

Still, you didn’t answer my question:

Say yes or no.

Because yes, if your ship got damaged it was Class 7.91 and you tried to repair it back to Class 7.50.
But we announced that you have to consider this and don’t fly on the limit with 7.50!

Prepare yourself for it and change your ship to Class 7.00 for example. That way you have a “buffer” if it got damaged.

There are too many resources in the ship to just give up. I’ll buy it out and take it deconstruct

apd Our faction leads to frequent fights. We have battered ships all the time. Maybe it makes sense to raise the limit (notice) in the pirate sector until the 8th grade? We will be able to fight on the standard limit, but if the game considers that we went beyond the 7th class we will have time to go back and repair without recourse to the administration

Raise the limits? Fights will never end. It’ll be about who runs out of ammo first. And empyrion wasn’t designed for class 6+ ships. It was designed for 5 or less. Raising the limits will just make fights longer, and make them more laggy.

You must have misunderstood me. Increase the limit only in the home sector. If the fight was minor then the class of the ship will increase because of the broken blocks. In the case of a serious battle ship class and so will fall below the limit. Here is a small point, but the fight when the ship went over the limit. Here’s the video (https://youtu.be/3dmlewsjaRc) it clearly shows. I was fighting a bit of the ship was 7.8 (8 th grade) I brought it in for repair. But he’ll get fixed up 7.49 not have time (limitation of playfield it was removed)

  1. you have already no class limit check for your Bases in Pirate Sector (Supporter playfield)
  2. if we make such rules, it is 100% pay to win and not allowed.

Fight or not (good video by the way), you are just too greedy to fly around with a 7.50 ship. You have no buffer if your ship get damaged, so it is your mistake if it get’s captured from HWS.

As I already said: change your ship always to -0.49.

But you answered already so I set the ship back to RED faction and took your money.

I get what you’re saying but, lets say rex increases the limit to 8. In a month someone else will come with same issue asking to increase size class to 9, and so on. The only fix here is to consider size class when building the ship.


Bug or accident, or split I do not know but I ran into and decided to write. In the morning I lost the ship from the repair area. We have come to believe that it took the server for violation of the size. I paid for it to be returned. Now (evening) came player with my faction. He said he saw this warning (I went to bed how to put on a repair). This player sent my ship into INVISIBILITY so that while I was gone, the ship would not be taken away. Now he turned off invisibility and the ship appeared. It turns out this is a bug of copying or something. I don’t want to have a problem with the administration so I wrote. I removed his weapon (put it in the ship to box) that re-wrote the limit and wait for your decision.

apd id ship 15387095

Sorry but I don’t understand your text.
What bug do you mean? What did you remove? In which box did you put what? What is my decision?
What happened with egs:stealth?

I didn’t have a ship this morning. I wrote the petition. I was told that violation of the class. I decided to buy it back. In the evening went to the game player in our faction. He saw the warning in the night (when I put it on repair). In order to prevent the server took the ship the player moved him in stealth. In the evening when a player has informed me that we decided to bring him out of stealth. He appeared. It turns out the server took the ship in stealth if after that to get the ship out of stealth it will appear.

To ensure that the server did not swear to the violation of the class I removed some modules and put it in this ship.

Ok, I understand bit better now but you showed me a screenshot with your ship:

If the server took the ship while it was in egs:stealth, then there would be no ship in your screenshot…

Technically: if your ship is stealthed, then the server does not take it or “see” it anyways.
But the tool needs ~5 minutes to update the structures.

If the tool says, that the ship will be taken with the NEXT warning (screenshot) then it is mostly too late to stealth it.

I am interested in the legality of the appearance of this ship. I have 1 similar ship. Either this is a split ship, or I bought (petition) a second ship. And the first was in invisibility. I have no explanation for this moment. I’m trying to understand not breaking it, can I use it or not

Which ship do you mean?

15387095 => looks ok.
14040892 => got restored from backup yesterday.

this is

I checked the ship and it look ok.
What question do you have about that ship?

From one ship appeared two. I took the first one down after the ransom. The second was taken out of stealth. The second is a copy of the first. I think it’s a violation.