I need help please - Lost CW when doing a CSW from EU to NA

Lost my CW when doing a jump from EU to NA. This happend around 8:50 CET Server time.
ID - 20101304

It was loaded with some importend things so its kind of an emergency.



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Did you read our announcement?

ATTENTION: our offline jobs got improved with one limitation: as soon as you login you have to move just a little bit to get it triggered (or type cb:startjobs). That is valid for CSW, Daily Loot, HWS Skill Tree, etc.)

Did you move a bit or typed cb:startjobs ?

No i didnt but il try it.

I did not see that on the homepage.

And when i got loged in it warped me from starter so the CSW worked for some things. SV got warped. Just CW that didnt

Still didnt work

it had 2 docked ships on it. Both ships went over, just the CV not?

Did you stop moving your CV before CSW?

Yes - Both Sv got jumped but CV didnt, I was still when jumping.

Strange. I restored it in EU for now.

want me to try and warp back and get it ? and see if it happends again ?

yeah, do a shipless to EU, grab it and try again

Sureā€¦ give me a min.

wokred fine now :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for testing

Np :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble. The game could not give us a new Id in that situation. Maybe to much work. 8:45 is a busy time for the tool (Tax etc)