I need help please - Lost in Space, Alien City Space

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened: When instance expired, instead of being sent to ECC I was teleported in instance space (Alien City Space)
**Player(s) with issue:roboo
**Time (cb:time):12:40 am
**Playfield:Alien City Space
**Structure Name(s):na
**Structure ID(s):na
**How can we help you now:please teleport me to ECC, my SV is there and it will get taxed

talked to him in discord chat, he meant the instance space, i can’t get to him :stuck_out_tongue:

my tractor beam doesnt reach 100au :stuck_out_tongue:

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I warped you and your ship to PKE but don’t know why this could even happen.
Only option would be the regeneration of ECC 2 weeks ago where it was broken due SI.

I assume though more reports would have come in if it would be that case.
We will see

Thank You. 20 or 30 minutes trough the instance, server restarted. When I logged back in, I was on ECC.
I entered instance again, finished looting, decored my SV and the instance and logged out thinking I will end on ECC again. Instead I ended in space. I landed, recored my SV and changed medium armor with backup heavy + EVA ( I almost died in space of cold). And then waited for instance to close to be sent to ECC.
I decored the city (so I could not use the portal to ECC anymore) because half of my game structure registry is now structures I used in previous instances. I hoped decoring the city will deleted them. I tried cb:destroy, but it did not work, so I was hoping decoring will fix them.

Ah, that was probably the reason for the game as well. A stargate is a direct connection of them.

Yes, this is a visual annoyance but not affecting your HWS gameplay regarding global limits since we excluded all instances.
Will Devs tell about that.

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