I need help please Lost Items in OCD

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What happened:
=> I am new and just used OCD for the very first time. I put all the loot I got from the annivessary event into my OCD and click X. the items all disappeared except two of them. Is there any way you can help me retrieve these lost items.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Luchiano Da Silva

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> March 2 2020 6:55

=> Stella

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> Looking to retrieve lost items.


sadly we can’t track anything that was losed by closing it with x :frowning:

Hello Jasco,

Let me tell you about my day yesterday. It started out with me be very excited about the advertised Anniversary Event. The event took place and I went with my clan TAW to the EU server to participate in the event. Being new I had no idea what to expect but was encourage by the advertising of the free gifts. The lag in the first stage of the event lag was enormous and the game was very difficult to play. My CV got shot up pretty badly but I took that as part of the event. It was impossible to do anything and every one was laughing at how bad it was. That was ok so far and we then went on to the next part of the event which went off pretty well and I got my Anniversary package. I was really happy about this and the game now became so much better after getting that. Then I went back to repair my ship which had a one and half hour repair time. After putting in all the materials the repair ended when the 1.5 hours was up and ship was not repaired. I lost all the materials. I tried it again and lost my 1.5 hours game time and materials once again. That was not the end of the world as I could replace those materials. Then my clan went to the next event in NA. In this event being new I was killed 11 times over and over again in the PVP part and my anniversary loot form the NA server was taken by other players. This was an awful experience and I felt like the game was punishing me. Again this was sad but not the end of the world. Then I decided to put my items into my OCD. I had never used this feature before so being used to the drag and drop feature you find in other games I dragged my loot into the OCD along with other valuables that I spent a lot of time working to get into my OCD and then thinking it was ok to exit I clicked X. The items then disappeared. So now I was having a horrible game experience that I have never had with any other game. It was your system that created the problem of deleting my items. Then the last straw was when I got your response of bad luck my friend. It took all the wind out of my sails so as to speak. The game went from a beautiful high to an extreme low. It would not have been this bad had there been no anniversary event. But after giving some one some thing nice and then having your system take it away plus all the extra items I played so hard to obtain made me want to conclude this is a very broken situation for a gamer. I did comment to the users about it and they said usually Rexxus makes this better and fixes the problem for people because he wants people to have a good experience. I also posted on youtube about this and they said basically the same thing. Unfortunately this seems to be a sitaution where I am going to be the victim. So I feel like your team needs to look again at this issue. I will ask the community on steam and youtube and in the game itself to help with this problem as well.

In conclusion I would like you to have another look at the problem and try to get my items back to me. many game companies out there do correct and make better the situations that their users experience. I have not logged back into the game since as I said before the wind has been knocked out of my sails.

Luchiano Da Silva


Ok Sorry for the previous Rant. I went to the communities for help and they helped me a lot. Now I have got my stuff back in my OCD but it is only showing up in the HWS Connect. It seems my OCD is broken and cannot receive any goods as it will make them invisible in the game but not in OCD. The items are still there but I have no access to them in the game. Please let me know what the next steps are. As this is technical glitch I would like the situation restored and resolved please. You can view items yourself and see that something is genuinely broken in game.


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