I need help please, lost maur ship in CSW

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: Was CSW from EU to San like 40 min ago. had 2 SV’s docked to my “Starbuster Loke” Both were garage ships: maur and prototype q. The prototype q were fine but “Maur” SV dissaperard in the csw prosess. I checked back in CSW space EU side of cause.
SERVER: EU to Sanctuary
TIME (cb:time): about 14:00 gmt.
PLAYFIELD: CSW space EU —> CSW space San
STRUCTURE NAME(S): Original garage name: "Maur"

Hope you guys can figure out why.

Sincerely Loke

I spawend it again on EU CSW Orbit.
Not sure why but make sure you dont move to fast before CSW and wait for a short time before starting.
Also always make sure he lists all ships to CSW. The ship was not mentioned.

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